Why the FAQ...

I don't think The Internet is ready for PoopIT yet, but I'll try anyway, maybe some of you will see the light. Still remains the why and to this magnificent problem, there are multiple answers. I'll try to explain to the best of my abilities.

Why not?

I mean it's internet, shit is already around us... So why not try to organize it?

It's ecologic

I'm pretty sure in 10 to 30 years we will be able to use all the shit on the internet to grow virtuals trees in simulations, maybe we already are. I'm a futurist and a visionary.

For the art

Well, as you can obviously see If you're reading this on your own freewill: this is art. It's modern, it's beautiful and it speaks from the heart... Kinda lower really, but still.

To help your eyes

Scientific research suggests reading on a dark/brown background is better for your eyes. This is a perfect topic for this kind of color-scheme. You're welcome.

To be young again

I remember when I started programming I gave no shit about what was my project about. I was opening my editor and I was just doing it. I wanted to have this feeling again, so here we are.

Duality of Humanity

The Internet is beautiful and disgusting at the same time... but aren't we all. I'm sure when this website will inevitably flourish we will see some magnificent poops.

Do you have too much free time?

Well no actually, I'm working 10h a day. This is just to relax myself and after all, is it not what shit is all about? Relax. (Also this is a simple project, I spent around two days making it.)


What can be better on a Tinder profile than "PoopIT Developer".

The greatest website in the world, no.

This is just a tribute. Couldn't remember the greatest website in the world, no no.

For devs: Code is poetry (Hi WordPress)

Opening a python file or a jinja2 template called _macro_poop.html and seeing variables like poop_cta_2 or poop.toilet.name is enough for me to justify this website.

And just because "code is poetry" here is an extract of a python file on this project:

def inject_statics():
	poop_quotes = [
		"We're just a little poop in a huge ocean of shit",
		"That's one small poop for man, one giant shit for mankind",
		"When you reach the end of your poop, flush it and hang on",
		"The things I do for shit",
		"There's no cure for being a shit",
		"Just poop it",
		"You aren't what you eat - You are what you don't poop",
		"Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant"

	poop_cta = [
		'Build a log cabin',
		'Make underwater sculptures',
		'Feed the French',
		'Plant a tree',
		'Let the dogs out',
		'Let the turtles loose',
		'Send a fax',
		'Drop the kids off at the swimming pool',
		'Make an offering to the porcelain throne',
		'Liberate the brown trout',
		'Murder a brown snake'
	poop_quote = random.choice (poop_quotes)
	poop_cta_1 = random.choice (poop_cta)
	poop_cta_2 = random.choice (poop_cta)